The Mass Spectrometry Facility is a central pillar in the network of interactive research at OSU and is regularly used by researchers in Chemistry, Biochemistry/Biophysics, Botany/Plant Pathology, Environmental Toxicology, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Food Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Sciences and other fields. The Facility strives to advance progress in environmental health, biomedical and biological sciences by maintaining state-of-the-art service in mass spectrometry capable of supporting faculty members at the cutting edge of their respective research fields. In addition, the laboratory participates in training young people and professionals in mass spectrometry on the most modern equipment available, preparing them for successful careers in the life sciences.

The Facility is a state and university-wide resource and is supported by NIEHS (P30 ES000210), funds from OSU's Research Office, the College of Agricultural Sciences, the College of Pharmacy, and the College of Science.

The Facility is located in Room 0085 of the Agricultural and Life Sciences Building on Campus Way.